Colombian National Beauty Pageant  

Beauty with a Purpose
Every year, during the second week of November, the beautiful, sexy city of Cartagena erupts with celebrities and media. The 75 year-old event spans a week-long celebration, kicked off with the day of independence and centered on the most beautiful women from every corner of Colombia, who meet in Cartagena to compete for the coveted Queen’s Crown.

The already romantic city of horse drawn carriages and moonlit beaches dons its sexiest attire when some of the most beautiful women in the world take center stage, riding floats through the avenues during the Batalla de Flores parades, taking marine escorted yacht rides during the Desfile de Ballerenas, and donning swimsuits that leave little to the imagination, circled around the Cartagena Hilton’s pool, during the famous swimsuit competition, transmitted live to giant flatscreen panels in the Historic Old City and televisions across the globe.

Major clubs across the country shut down during the week and open special venues in Cartagena during the pageant, drawing international jetsetters, celebrity faces, and sparking a weeklong atmosphere of blockbuster proportions, featuring exotic dancers grooving to African and Caribbean rhythms, and late night parties.

Not only does the annual event draw millions of tourists and nightlife enthusiasts, but it’s a party with a purpose. Money collected during the parades is donated to institutions that serve education, the elderly, orphans, poverty stricken, and disaster victims.

It might be Colombia’s Independence Day Celebration, but it’s everyone’s chance to party with some of the most beautiful women on the planet, in one of the world’s most exotic getaway cities.
Colombian National Beauty Pageant
Cartagena, Colombia
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"Support a good cause and party with the world's most beautiful women!"

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