Manga Rose  

A Fusion of Contradictions
The hand-sketched black and red roses—intertwined and yet distinct, elegant and yet contemporary, flowing curves formed from jagged lines—sum up this eclectic mix of contemporary and classic.

There’s something magically warm about the interior of Manga Rose. Dissected into its individual parts, it seems impossible that they could congeal: exposed steel piping and silver aluminum ducts run along walls and through exposed rafters; crystal chandeliers fit for a palace dangle from the beams; modern minimalist chairs and plain tables line a cushioned bench and wall; wallpaper that’s equally Victorian and Star Trek lines the walls.

And yet, somehow it all pulls together. Somehow the glowing white disks above the chandeliers blend seamlessly with the glowing tea lights on each table. Somehow, the metal ductwork and retro photography wall work together in the intimate lighting. Somehow, the antiques and the wall-sized video projection share the same space without seeming contradictory.

Part of the charm is surely the symbolic fabrics and materials that comprise the interior décor. The chandeliers once lit a seventeenth century palace. The leather on the benches belonged to classic cars. All of the interior elements conjure patriotic spirit and reverence for a diverse history.

It’s an atmosphere like no other, and it is this ambiance, this laid-back and hip feel, that draws crowds into this otherwise sleepy neighborhood.

Of course, the signature coffees, unique cocktails, and solid dining menu don’t hurt. Neither does the open dance space and frequent performances by local DJs and theme parties.

Food, drink, music, and lifestyle—that’s the Manga Rose motto. And it lives up to this promise.
Manga Rose
14 Rua Sociedade Filarmonica Incrivel Almadense
Lisbon, Portugal
+351 96 552 60 60
Rating 90.17 
Rank [category] 10 
Rank [overall] 136 

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