Indianapolis 500  

The Greatest Specatacle in Racing
Screaming engines, adrenaline fueled speeds of over a hundred fifty miles per hour, and a 2.5 mile oval combine every year to produce one of the most spectacular races in the world. And when it comes down to the final lap, and the winner crosses the yard of bricks—that’s right, the world’s most spectacular race isn’t in Monaco or Paris, it’s in Indianapolis—near half a million fans will be cheering the winner, whose name will go down in the annuls of one of the world’s most prestigious racing wins.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway rose from the humblest beginnings. Built in 1909 as a gravel-and-tar raceway, the course was resurfaced after two fatal crashes. Over 3.2 million bricks were set in 63 days during the autumn of 1909. Nothing remains of either the old gravel or the bricks, slowly replaced between 1936 and 1961, other than a 36 inch strip marking the finish line—the yard-thick line destined to become the Yard of Bricks. But the Indie 500 is more than simple tradition.

It’s not just the grandeur and size that makes the event so thrilling either, although the raceway spans over 250 acres, with enough seating that if the benches in the grandstands were laid end-to-end, they would span 90 miles. Nor is it only the legendary names, like the Unsers who have won nine victories between them, more than any other family, or Tom Carnegie, who called the race for 61 consecutive years.

With for 9 degree banked corners, each with different curvatures, wind patterns, and taken at speeds exceeding 225 mph, the course is one of the most challenging events in the racing industry, encouraging competitors to raise their game and have their chance to kneel at the finish line of one of the world’s most prestigious racing events and “kiss the bricks.”
Indianapolis 500
Indianapolis, United States
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