The Yacht Week  

The World’s Premier Boating Party
Yacht Week comprises a crew of twenty to thirty skippers and event coordinators that travel the world, following the summer seasons across the globe and putting on week-long cruise parties over some of the best waters to be found.

With the recent addition of the two small islands of Ibiza to their schedule, they’ve blended the best party ambient on the planet with one of the world’s premier boating parties.

The Yacht Week team provides yachts, each accommodating 6 to 14 people. Guests reserve their own private yacht, sharing it only with their personal friends and family, and anybody they invite in along the way. Each yacht includes an optional skipper.

The group sails together in a caravan of roughly twenty yachts, stopping at exotic locations where guests mingle and meet new faces from around the globe. Evenings are spent at the prime clubs and remote vistas of the islands, providing romantic and charged dance interludes.

Crystal clear waters, regattas, sailing, parachuting, remote dives in scenic lagoons, magical nights, and a great mix of sailing, partying, and people make this yachting experience not only unforgettable, but a favorite repeat venue for guests.
The Yacht Week
Ibiza, Spain
Rating 89.33 
Rank [category] 13 
Rank [overall] 169 
"When am I going to leave? Probably never. "

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