Jazz Fest  

Celebration of Culture and Music
Created to celebrate the unique culture and music of New Orleans, this festival includes a mash of every style of music with a name, and some without—Latin, Afro-Caribbean, rock, rap, country, bluegrass, gospel, and blues are all common at the festival.

The festival's crafts feature a diverse ethnic blend of techniques and regional flavors, located over several regions of the festival and in the surrounding communities. Artisans work on-site using ancient techniques, bopping to the sound of music as they forge iron, carve intricate patterns into wood, fashion parade floats from paper-mâché, and make hats.

Exotic hats seem to be a specialty of the festival, with artists competing to see who can create the most exotic and memorable hat. Local news stations often feature vignettes of patrons wandering between booths and music tents, adorned with so much frill that their heads float like islands of color through the crowd.

Cultural diversity is a central theme to the festival as well. A Native American village and Louisiana Folklife village offer peaks into the crafts and traditions of the unique cultural melting pot centered on the city.

With all the attractions, guests are sure to work up an appetite. Rest assured that the festival won’t leave any stomachs empty. Nearly a hundred vendors serving everything from Cajun crawfish, a southern specialty, to alligator sausage, frozen mango, soft-shell crab, and sandwiches, there is enormous variety. Festival officials put food vendors through rigorous screening processes, reviewing the quality of the dishes, food handling methods, and volume that the vendors will be able to accommodate, ensuring that the menu is not only vast, but that everything on it goes down smooth and with a smile.

Held every year since 1970, the festival also gives back to the community, using proceeds to enhance education, economy, and to establish arts in the community around the year, ensuring that the festival will have even more exciting art and entertainment for the coming years.

Officially, the festival takes place Friday through Sunday, during the last weekend of April and first weekend of May. However, festivities, art, and music pour through the city during the week between, and the party city is no stranger to nights of fun, ensuring that whether guests stay for a weekend or the entire festival, they’ll have little reason to spend a dull moment in a hotel.
Jazz Fest
New Orleans, United States
Rating 85.33 
Rank [category] 26 
Rank [overall] 235 
"Great lineup and energy. "

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