Mardi Gras  

Fat Tuesday, New Orleans Style
Tuesday just isn’t big enough for Louisiana’s Mardi Gras party. They get the fun started on Epiphany, on January 6th, building up to the three days before Ash Wednesday, where the party really comes to life, and concluding with a bang on Tuesday.

The age-old French tradition of Mardi Gras found roots in North America back in 1699, when Rene-Rebert Cavelier sailed up the Mississippi River. He landed barely 60 miles downriver from modern New Orleans, claimed the region in the name of France, and threw the first blockbuster in honor of the homeland.

Originally a Christian celebration centered on letting go of indulgent foods and habits before ritual fasting during Lent, Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday as it translates from the original French, has expanded into a month-long celebration, packed with parades, costumes, and late-night parties.

While not as traditional as the Brazilian Carnival or Colombian festivals, patrons can still enjoy the fatty foods for which this ancient celebration is famous: sugared pastries and fried breads, flapjacks and less-than-lean roasts.

The action centers on Bourbon Street, which can be a titillating experience, and not just for the flashers lifting their shirts in return for trinkets. The city streets are packed with vendors selling food, alcohol, and a variety of jewelry and trinkets. Parades fill the streets with light and costumed dancers. Locals and visitors dress up in festive garb and tour the city, mingling with one another in search of friendly faces and good times.
Mardi Gras
New Orleans, United States
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"Make sure to bring your beads!"

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