The Birthplace of the Rave
The Islands of Pine Trees, as the Greeks called Ibiza and Formentera, this tiny island of winding coasts and pines, white-washed homes, secluded bays, and rocky juts of olive and fig trees offers little scenery to visitors. Indeed, it’s a whole different scene that draws visitors to the island.

Each year, the indigenous of the island—which held only 12 cars as late as the 60s—kick back and watch as more than four million summer tourists pour into the White Island’s airport.

The island offers coastal trails and woodland refuges, and some small resorts and coves on the northern coast suitable for family vacations.

The main draw of the island is its social beaches and infamous nightlife. Several white sand beaches along the island coast fill to bursting each summer with chiseled bods and tiny bikinis, belonging to some of the world’s most beautiful people and a sprinkling of celebrity personalities. Nudist beaches along the southern shore offer even less clothing to block the view.

Touted as the birthplace of the rave, the wall-to-wall collection of bars and clubs offer a fast-paced summer scene rife with outrageous all-night parties and the chance to hook up with singles from around the globe.

Boats and sailing crafts tour the remote bays of the island, mingling with other crews for nights of serious partying and lively action away from the watchful eye of the authorities.

From the beaches to the party clubs, Ibiza’s magnetic party scene draws a diverse array of travelers from every walk of life and dozens of countries around the globe, making it a prime place for meeting new faces and partying with old ones.
Ibiza, Spain
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"So much more to Ibiza than club scene. Food is out of this world too!"

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