French Perfection
Nestled inside the gleaming dome of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Patina restaurant sets the standard for Los Angeles’s fine dining experiences. The meticulous detail of the spacious and warmly lit dining area put guests at instant ease. For an even more formal setting, guests can enjoy al fresco seating or take a meal at the cocktail bar.

Master Chef Joachim Splichal heads up this Michelin star restaurant, and together with Executive Chef Tony Esnault, their combined genius envisions some of the top French cuisine outside the City of Light.

Ensault grew up in France, where he learned the culinary arts and started a one star Michelin restaurant. Ensault says of the menu, “I try to look from the top of all the dishes. Everything should be very different and unique.”

His commitment shows through in the vibrant colors, variety of shapes and textures, and even the different cooking techniques employed on dishes. Everything from the opening cocktail menu to the gourmet cheeses, caviar, and award-winning wine list are displayed with prestige and elegance. Some delectable desserts are even delivered by white gloved servers.

Manager Christian Philippo oversees the service and it is indeed impeccable, down to the fine lines of the dishes, selected to match the architecture and lighting.

Together with the vast selection French cuisine, desserts, and even world renowned teas, this pre-concert dinner can very well steal the show.
141 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, United States
(213) 972-3331
Rating 90.10 
Rank [category] 15 
Rank [overall] 140 
"The perfect meal before the theatre. "

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