Pierre Gagnaire  

Facing Tomorrow but Respectful of Yesterday
It’s sometimes hard to tell Pierre Gagnaire the man from the self-named restaurant. Both are synonymous with excellence in cuisine. Each can boast a list of accolades and awards. Perhaps the only real difference is what they have to say.

Gagnaire the man sums up his philosophy for cooking in the mission statement: “facing tomorrow but respectful of yesterday.” Gagnaire’s role in the fusion movement has been pivotal; he was one of the original chefs responsible for climbing out of the classic French conventions, introducing juxtaposing flavors, surprising textures, and new ingredients.

Also the head chef of Sketch in London and the new Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas, Gagnaire says of his competition, “I don’t have time to look at what other people are doing.

Gagnaire the restaurant speaks through food, and the innovative flair and excellence in gastronomy exhibited by the world class restaurant has plenty to say. The 8 course meals, offered with three cheese assortments and 8 desserts, display the attention to detail and complexity of preparation offered each dish.

Critics have a bit to say about the restaurant as well, offering endless praise and recognition, summed up nicely in three Michelin stars and a ranking of third in Restaurant magazine’s top 50 in the world.
Pierre Gagnaire
6 rue Balzac
Paris, France
01 58 36 12 50
Rating 92.58 
Rank [category] 10 
Rank [overall] 67 
"Three star prices, but genuine three star experience. "

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