Astrid y Gaston  

Dinner: A Love Story
The tale of Astrid y Gastón is above all a love story. Is it a romance? Is it love of food that drives this wildly successful chain? Is it a motherly love of the restaurant itself? The answer is all of the above.

Gastón Acurio Jaramillo started his career as a Michelin star chef in the most unlikely of places: as a law student at Pontificia Universidad. He soon found his first love, that of cooking, and transferred to a hotel trade school and soon moved to Paris to make a serious study of the culinary arts.

His second love, Astrid Gutcshe, now Astrid Jaramillo and co-owner of the Astrid y Gastón chain, blossomed at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. When they returned home to Peru to apply their newfound knowledge to Peruvian cuisine, it was soon apparent that the dynamic duo was destined to international stardom.

Gastón’s love of food seems to know no bounds. When not at the restaurant, he hosts his own television show, contributes to numerous magazines, and has even published books on his knowledge of international cuisine. While Astrid y Gastón in Peru is their flagship restaurant, the couple also found time to establish five other franchise locations in other cities of Spain, as well as a host of smaller projects currently in development.

All of this love and attention shows through and it’s clear that their mission to give the world the richest and most innovative Peruvian cuisine has been a success. International critics have certainly taken notice, putting Peruvian cuisine on the map as serious, Avant-garde fare, and dropping this cozy shop on the map at 42 in Restaurant magazine’s top 50 in the world.
Astrid y Gaston
175 Calle Cantuarias
Lima, Peru
(0)1 444 1496
Rating 92.60 
Rank [category] 9 
Rank [overall] 64 
"Not traditional Peruvian fare, but delicious nonetheless. "

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