Per Se  

A Journey through Greatness
A great meal is often described as a journey. Per Se embodies this metaphor, literally transporting The French Laundry’s famous dishes coast-to-coast, and carrying world fame to the new Manhattan restaurant.

Thomas Keller opens every meal with his famous Island Creek oysters, topped with tapioca and Osetra caviar—known as oysters and pearls. Each day chefs prepare two unique nine-course tasting menues—the chef’s selection and the vegetable menu.

There’s no telling what the fare will be. Head chef Eli Kaimeh’s philosophy is to create a dish that surprises guests, that causes them to say “I wish I had just one more bite of that,” and then receive another dish that does it all over again in a different way.

Constructed from the same earthly materials as The French Laundry—wood, marble, granite, and copper floor tiles—and colored by designer Adam Tihany in mute grays and browns, the main dining hall sits wedged between two pillars of foxtail lilies. The dishes arrive in every color imaginable, on ornate Thomas Keller dishes, and covered in food just as varied. Lobsters are served painted in a variety of colored sauces, coddled eggs are tipped in black-truffle sauce, and sea salt runs precise lines along silver dishes of Peach Melba.

Awarded 3 Michelin stars in 2006, Per Se still retains the honor, as well as a host of other accolades. The restaurant was ranked sixth in the world in 2009. Guests, as well as critics, agree on the spectacular quality, booking months in advance to find a table and voting this rising twin star with the best service in New York.
Per Se
10 Columbus Circle
New York, United States
(212) 823-9335
Rating 92.88 
Rank [category] 8 
Rank [overall] 59 
"Almost perfect. Almost. "

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