Osteria Francescana  

Respect with a Dash of Irreverence
Patrons don’t come to Osteria Francescana to eat. There may be world class Avant-garde cuisine involved, but Osteria Francescana is an experience—a gallery of provocative food and surprising presentation.

At the center of the experience is head chef, Massimo Bottura, mingling with guests, divulging secret recipes to food critiques, and floating like a diplomat through the building with a wry smile and earthly wit.

“Nourishment is not mathematical, it is emotional,” he says. He prefers to think of his kitchen as “Territorial Cuisine seen from a distance of ten kilometers.”

Bottura is also a big promoter of the arts; the restaurant features contemporary art and resembles a gallery as much as restaurant. Serving dishes like A memory of a Bologna sandwich, Five ages of Parmigiano Reggiano in diverse textures and temperatures, and The New York Skyline—consisting of buildings made from meat cubes and garnished with foamed parsley to represent trees—Buttura seems not only an evangelist of the arts, but a full-bore participant.

He certainly doesn’t take himself as seriously as the critics. Awarded two Michelin stars, with a list of accolades spanning eight years, this rising star sits at the top of the list, ranked 6th in the world by Restaurant magazine and the best restaurant in Italy.

What does chef Bottura think of all the awards? He smirks, probably considering a dish shaped like Michelin stars getting flushed down a tube of custard.
Osteria Francescana
Via Stella 22
Modena, Italy
+39 059 210118
Rating 92.98 
Rank [category] 7 
Rank [overall] 55 
"Sophisticated restaurant off the beaten tourist path. "

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