A Humble Revolution in Cuisine
Andoni Luis Aduriz is a man of contradictions. He put in his time studying, spending almost two years learning the chemistry of coagulation. He earned his battle scars as a cook in the world famous El Bulli restaurant.

However, the lead chef and owner of Mugaritz believes in something more than gastronomic sciences and new technology. He sees those techniques not as the ultimate path to success, but as the foundation upon which great cuisine is built.

Rather than trying to create a menu that shouts about its novelty and flamboyance, Aduriz prefers sentimental experiences, sensual perfection, and a quiet storm of culinary delight. He encourages his team to explore the origin of everything they touch, pay homage to the natural world, explore obscure ingredients, and to create food that resonates on an emotional level.
This dedication to the art and poetry of food shines through in every dish, evoking memories of childhood and subtle emotional responses. Potatoes baked in edible clay resemble smooth stones from a river. Roasted acorn skins conjure memories of forests. The fare is subtle, earthy, and something that cuts to the core with its intimacy and fearless humility.
Folded into the rolling green hills south of San Sebastien, where ancient trees tower over the emerald country exterior, the blend of old world—almost oriental—interiors and spacious contemporary feel of Mugaritz create the perfect ambiance to multiply the experience. It’s little wonder the restaurant was voted the third best in the world, according to Restaurant magazine’s top 50.
Otzazulueta baserria Aldura-aldea, 20
San Sebastian, Spain
Rating 93.92 
Rank [category] 6 
Rank [overall] 37 
"It's not just a restaurant, it's an experience. "

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