A New Face on Old Grace
For many travelers, London conjures images of guards at Buckingham Palace and afternoon tea.

Many of the traditional iconic symbols of London, like the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, still exist today. However, laid over the traditional Brit image of bowler hats and unflinching guards is a new hip exterior.

Modern music thumps out of open-door pubs across the patchwork neighborhoods, offering music from every genre. Sure, the Beatles may still grace the speakers with a classic tune, but more likely are techno, dance, and rock ballads.

The Brits might recline in the many parks and gardens adorning the city, but the Millennium Wheel offers a Google Maps quality overview of the city while soaring 440 feet above the bank of the River Thames.

The dress may no longer be topcoats and knee-length skirts, but London still rises to the top of the fashion industry. Trend-setting talents like Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen offer brands that see Fashion Week’s parades every year. Travelers and locals hit Oxford Street to rummage for vintage designs and modern wares.

The West End blazes into the night with light, sound, and an impressive night life. Musicals, dramas, and ballet frequent the top establishments. The great voices of Opera echo from the Royal Opera House. Novel clubs spring up daily across the city, hopping with the latest hip DJs.

With the signing of the XXX Olympic Games, roaring through London in 2012, the city has received more than a hip new beat. Subways have received considerable upgrades, a new bullet train railway streaks across the city, and new walkways, bridges, and river ferries sprung up across the country, making it all that much easier to reach the best London has to offer.
London, England
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"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
- Samuel Johnson

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