Las Vegas  

A City Without Time
From circus tents to Arabian castles, from pyramids to erupting volcanoes, the neon lights of Sin City illuminate some of the world’s premier entertainment venues. Gambling may be the heart of the Casino façade, but there are plenty of ways to burn away the day outside of slots.

Circus Circus offers daily performances from trapeze to tigers. Lied’s Children’s museum, Cirque du Soleil, and the strip itself—the world’s biggest light-and-sound show—offer a few of Vegas’s hundreds of low-key attractions. Replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Colosseum offer a chance to tour some of the premier icons of Europe without ever leaving the states. Shopping epicenters known as casino arcades offer excellent venues for designer shoes and precious jewelry. Lake Mead awaits only 30 minutes from the strip, offering a lakefront break from the busy life of the city.

But it’s sequined and sparkling showgirls and the smell of money that pump the arterial veins of Vegas. Night and day, some of the top shows in the world are played out in Vegas by some of the sexiest dancers in the world. Stage performances offer acts as diverse as Ultimate Fighting Championships and The Bangles.

Beneath it all is the sound of dice and shuffling cards. Hundreds of casinos offer a nightlife that runs 365 days a year. The Strip and surrounding city is the premier playground for gambling and betting and partying free.

One sound guests won’t hear is the ticking of a clock. The resorts, clock and time free, single-mindedly deliver the message that this is one party that should last forever.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas, United States
Rating 95.34 
Rank [category] 7 
Rank [overall] 15 
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

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