Rio de Janeiro  

The Sexiest Party in the World
Where in the world can travelers surf choice waves, hike through rain forests, sail across paradise, and scope some of the sexiest bodies on the planet at a world-famous beach, all under the watchful gaze of Jesus?

Not only is Rio de Janeiro the only city that could boast all of this, but it’s only the beginning of the fun. Squeezed between emerald mountains and white sandy beaches, this tropical paradise of blue sea and fiery city lights offers the perfect backdrop to the complete party scene.

Days can be spent enjoying the natural paradise and scenic overlooks surrounding the city, looking down on the fury and sound of Rio and gazing across the crystal blue sea. The many beaches offer equally choice views, with sun and a sea of shapely bods basking beneath it, and enough stretches of sand to see a different crowd every day.

Once the sun makes its blazing escape, some of the world’s most beautiful people throw on a bit more cloth and head out for dinner. Authentic Brazilian cuisine mingles with fares from east and west—German, Italian, Japanese, and Bohemian to name a few—tantalizing the senses.

Outdoor cafes and night clubs blanket the cityscape, seducing travelers through the night with the heavy beats of samba, techno, and house music. Free summer concerts on the beach and samba school preparations for the Carnival Festival offer a host of venues for partying the night away.
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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"Rio is Waikiki on steroids. So beautiful."

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