Los Angeles  

The City of Angels
Under the staggered letters of the Hollywood sign, the City of Angels is a city of hustle and bustle with entertainment for every walk of life. In Beverly Hills, shopping has been reinvented as a competitive sport, turning Rodeo Drive into a fashion list touting some of the most famous retailers in the world. In contrast, Malibu offers some of the choicest waves in the country along a 21 mile stretch of prime, crystal blue Pacific coast and golden sandy beaches. One of the country’s biggest flea markets crowds the downtown Grand Central Market, where everything from footwear to sunglasses can be found at bargain prices.

Hollywood offers a footpath to the stars, and even their footprints on the Walk of Fame, where visitors can stand quite literally in the shoes of their favorite stars—or at least in the impressions left by their shoes.

With world renowned theme parks and attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios meshed up against some of the premier boutique hotels in the country, the city is a mesh of stars and sightseers, with a good dose of screenwriters, aspiring actresses, and party seekers thrown in for spice.

Speaking of spice, LA features some premier five star cuisines, frequented often by celebrities. At the top of the A-list sits Spago, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Beverly Hills. This fortress of landscaping offers exquisite seasonal seafood, served amidst glowing etched glass, and some of the world’s most beautiful and well-known faces.

Less formal fare can be found in the city’s many cultural epicenters—try some Peking duck and dim sum in Chinatown; head over to Olvera Street for a splash of primary color and authentic Mexican dishes; or visit Pink’s, where the line might stretch around the block as patrons await one of the world’s best chili dogs.

A clash of cultures, where old-school communities surround premier museums and boutique hotels sit in a sea of makeshift markets, where surfers and celebrity bleached blondes pass each other every day, Los Angeles is prime visit on any vacation list.
Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States
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"I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody's plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic. "
- Andy Warhol

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