Christ the Redeemer  

A City Hugged by Jesus
There aren’t many cities that can claim to see The Risen Savior from every window; but, Rio de Janeiro has claimed this right since 1931.

The 700 ton, 130 foot tall Christian statue, sits atop the 2,300 foot Corcovado Mountain, arms outstretched, visible night and day. Made entirely of reinforced concrete, surfaced in soapstone, it is one of the tallest art deco statues in the world and an icon on Brazil.

Pal Landowski, a French sculptor, spent nine years with engineers and technicians, chiseling away at an equivalent to a modern 3.5 million dollars in stone and manpower—funded almost entirely by Brazilian Catholics.

In February of 2008, the hand of God brushed the statue in the form of an electrical storm, singing several fingers and both eyebrows. The statue was quickly restored by combined efforts of the local diocese and Rio government.

A train leaves from the Cosme Velho District every 30 minutes during the day, taking visitors on a straight-up path toward heaven and stopping at the stairs to the sculpture’s base. Since 2006, a chapel has offered baptisms and weddings under the statue, consecrated by Archbishop of Rio, Cardinal Eusebio Oscar Scheid.

From the feet of the sculpture, visitors can not only embrace the love of Jesus, but also enjoy His heavenly views of Copacabana, the Botanical Gardens, the lagoon and the South Atlantic Ocean. With the sprawling wonders of Rio de Janeiro at its feet, it’s not hard to see why this sculpture, one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, is a must-see.
Christ the Redeemer
Rue Jean Phillipe Shoenfeld, 2
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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"Truly spectacular. A beautiful place for all faiths to visit. "

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