Break Sound Barrier  

Feel the Equivalent of 36,000 Horsepower
Let’s face it, going fast not only provides an intense high, it is intensely fun. Whether it be galloping on a horse or pushing your sports-car to the limit, fast is fun. In the spirit of speed, the adventurer can now break the sound barrier aboard an F-104 Starfighter. The Starfighter is a single engined, high performance supersonic interceptor aircraft that has been used by the United States Air Force since 1994. Sub-orbital flight training for civilians on a mach 2 Starfighter is now available for those wanting to experience the feeling of moving at a clip faster than 768 miles per hour (the speed of sound). This one is not an experience to be taken lightly. Training comes as part of the package when undertaking a flight such as this. You receive an introduction to the stomach-crunching g-forces which can be expected during flight as well as the surreal feelings of free-fall and weightlessness which are part and parcel of flying at such a rapid rate. The training positions you to be in a space where you can sit back and enjoy feeling of speed on a suborbital level.
Break Sound Barrier
Kennedy Spc Ctr
Titusville, United States
Rating 95.37 
Rank [category] 4 
Rank [overall] 13 
"Wow. Just... wow. Not only did we break the sound barrier, we hit 5Gs. "

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