Reinvention and Interpretation of Nordic Cuisine
The Christianshavn Canal runs north and south, splitting the island down the heart. At the end of that canal, on the best wharf on the island, overlooking Nyhavn across the water, sits the “best restaurant in the world”, according to Restaurant magazine.

It’s not just the view that buoys the two Michelin starred Noma to the top of the list. Nor is it the ash gray, open air interior with solid architecture, sparse and airy furnishing, or the impeccable service. It is, without a doubt, the fiendishly simple, absolutely unique, and intensely prepared food.

Noma sends out explorers into the unique countryside of Denmark, collecting berries and herbs not found in any market or store. Like the herbs and berries, they do most preparations in-house: smoking, pickling, salting, and even preparing their own vinegars and fresh vegetables.

Combine this attention to every fine detail with the pure, ambitious, and traditionally simple fares of the Nordics, and the result is something that can be found nowhere else on the planet.
The basic dishes range from Icelandic skyr curd to halibut to ox from Greenland, each given a unique twist by masterful head chef, René Redzepi. Instead of wines in soups and sauces, be prepared to experience beers, ales, and fruit juices. Where other restaurants turn their noses up at grains and pulses, Noma reinvents them in unexpected ways.

Offering all the gastronomic sciences, attention to textures, and artistic presentation of any world class restaurant, in the scenic panorama of Copenhagen, Noma truly has something to offer that can be found nowhere else in the world.
93 Strandgade
Copenhagen, Denmark
45 3296 3297
Rating 96.30 
Rank [category] 1 
Rank [overall] 4 
"Superb everything! "

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