Tcherassi Hotel + Spa  

Vibrant Converted Colonial Mansion
Sprawling with brilliant plazas and street vendors selling everything from Cuban cigars to emeralds, overlooked by rose-covered balconies and dramatic cathedrals, Cartagena, on the northern coast of Colombia, is no stranger to grand hotels.

Silvia Tcherassi, a world renowned South American fashionista, wanted to apply her visionary skills in design to give her city something new. The cutting-edge Tcherassi Hotel and Spa was the result.

With Cartagena busting and hustling outside the doors, the mere seven rooms and suites, each uniquely striking in design and layout, with balconies overlooking private pools and the beautiful city, comprise a refreshing experience in personal service and private luxury.

Escher-esque stairways, rich wood floors, and historic, rough-hewn stone laid 250 years ago form the backdrop tapestry to the eclectically designed spaces, including a garden restaurant, two-room luxury spa, vine covered hall, and striking rooftop views.
VERA, the restaurant on the ground floor, is run by Chef Daniel Castaño, who oversees some of Cartagena’s premier Italian cuisine in what has become a favorite local haunt.

As Tcherassi explains: “Fashion and hospitality are both businesses totally committed to the creation of new experiences and new sensations; trying to awaken the inner senses of each person, whether through a new style of clothes or a perfect stay in a beautiful environment.”

With each bath, bed, nightstand and hall’s bold and unique design, Tcherassi’s vision has been fully realized in this new must-see of Cartagena.
Tcherassi Hotel + Spa
Calle del Sargento Mayor, No 6-21
Cartagena, Colombia
Rating 93.23 
Rank [category] 3 
Rank [overall] 46 
"Such a cool hotel. It's both intimate and lively. "

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