Carpe Diem  

You are Somewhere Near Here
If there were a map posted on the stone walls of Hvar Harbor, a sleepy village in Croatia, instead of an arrow, it might have a vague circle with the text: “You are somewhere near here.”

Indeed, Carpe Diem exhibits all the signs of a sleepy, beach front hotel overlooking the nature paths and endless sea.

The towering stone façade and second story balcony overlook the ocean, offering spectacular views of fiery sunsets, couples skirting the tidewaters, and locals out for an evening stroll.

Out front is a public lounge, massive outdoor bar, and VIP area offered only to the most elite guests. Flowers line the terraces. Servers, bouncers, and maintenance crews busily tidy, arrange, and prepare.
The entire scene begs the question: What are they expecting? A sudden onslaught of tourists to spring up out of the water? And ironically, this is exactly what’s in store.

That sleepy village feel fades the moment the first cruise ship or luxury yacht comes into view, leading the host of ships that will line the horizon like skyscrapers lining the Shanghai skies from June through August.

Bass sparks to life in Carpe Diem, thumping through the harbor like the city’s heartbeat. Croatia’s most successful night club, it is indeed the heart of this sleepy winter town turned international jet set scene.

The clientele is a sharp contrast of mega-elite yachters and European vacationers, and locals looking for a night of fun. Party doesn’t get started till nearly midnight, swinging into high gear around 2 am, when the volume cranks up and as the namesake suggests, when translated loosely from the original Greek, Carpe Diem seizes the day.
Carpe Diem
Hvar Harbor
Hvar, Croatia
385-21742 369
Rating 89.96 
Rank [category] 20 
Rank [overall] 144 

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