Les Caves Du Rov  

The Most Exclusive Scene in France
Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, and Naomi Campell partied in this VIP club, deep in the heart of Hotel Byblos, which for 44 years has been a treasure trove of mosaics and ancient statues, as well as one of the most popular celebrity stops in the country.

Two fortresses of men strictly forbid Paparazzi from entering Les Caves du Roy; creating a safe haven for celebrities, the rich, and anyone finely dressed enough to squeak past. Inside, baroque columns and tables afire with neon lighting, like something out of a sci-fi Indian movie, seat some of the most beautiful and successful A-List guests in France.

Many of the guests here burn up the dance floor with professional moves, heating up the night to the pumping rhythm of techno, trance, and dance beats. Champaign flows freely and corks punctuate the music regularly.

With more mellow trance and contemporary tunes in the early evening, the fun wears past daybreak, when the scene truly takes off, with sexy women climbing atop tables to sway in the pounding bass of techno jams.

One of the most exclusive clubs in France, and one of the most popular, this A-List stop is a night of allure, beauty, and something altogether more primal that guests have to experience to believe.
Les Caves Du Rov
Avenue du Maréchal Foch
St. Tropez, France
04 94 97 16 02
Rating 93.19 
Rank [category] 4 
Rank [overall] 47 
"The most beautiful people in the WORLD."

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