B 018  

This Place is the Bomb... Shelter
Naji Gabran was having none of the seeming amnesia afflicting post-war Beirut. The innovative mind behind B 018, named after his apartment, where he first developed the concept of musical therapy, he took the opposite tact.

B 018 is also the world’s most truly underground night club. In a prior wartime quarantine zone, the club sits in a pit beneath the streets of Beirut. Bouncers dress in military uniform, staff and bartenders wear white sanatorium suggestive garb, and the entire place feels of the macabre.

But this is just the start. Naji Gabran sought the contradictions of Beirut’s history and protracted wars. This mock bomb shelter packed with wartime memorabilia and dining tables made from coffins contrasts against possibility, hope, and a rhythmic tranquility.

A moveable roof opens into the night, turning the underground into the open-air, pouring steam into the world, mirrors reflecting the thriving dance floor inside to those without and the busy streets above to those within, showing the star-filled sky to those below ground.

The beautiful fans of this turbulent and popular haunt range from weekend teeny-boppers to the Beirut A-List in Armani suits. They come not only for the nostalgic glimpse of the past, but also for resident DJs like Big Al—founder of Beat Factory and Ready Mix Records—and the gang, Fady Ferraye, Gunther, Stamina, and Ziad, who unleash original and eccentric mixes on the waiting crowd. Variety reigns, with a variety of beats from the grungy streets of Beirut to dark progressive works with influences from European artists like Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd.

This pumping, emotional ride fueled by a historical and architectural phenomenon makes for one wild ride and carries B 018 to the top of the dance list.
B 018
Quarantina, LOT N. 317
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 3 800 018
Rating 92.84 
Rank [category] 5 
Rank [overall] 60 
"Beirut's most legendary club. "

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