Denis Simachev  

The Most Eccentric Building in Moscow
Wedged right in the center of Stoleshnikov Pereulok sits a bright golden red cube of a building, as striking and as eccentric as the many fur lined wardrobes surrounding it.

The windowless gold and red building is Denis Simachev’s bar; one of the world’s most hip and talked about venues. The block surrounding it is Denis Simachev’s opus—a department store, which in the West would be called a shopping mall—containing some of the fashion world’s premier mini-boutiques, a full art gallery, and nightclub.

The inside the 24 hour bar, which serves as a snack stop for the fashionistas during the day, is just as eccentric as the gleaming red cube promises from without. Guests are treated to something so eccentric it looks like it might have been pulled straight out of Tim Burton’s imagination and plopped down in Moscow.

Disco balls cast glittering sequins of light across a full wood bar that looks like something out of an old English pub. Guests lounge at bathroom sinks converted into makeshift tables along one wall. Black carriages converted into booths provide more intimate seating. The floor is solid granite, hewn from the same Ukrainian stone as Lenin’s Mausoleum. Crystal chandeliers, the same French styles owned by Madonna, line the central staircase and above it all, a full glass ceiling.

The extended dance floor, where DJs mix house, hip-hop, and some funky 80s style disco beats, features a floor-to-ceiling mural of erotic anime girls with larger-than-life crystal blue eyes.

The drink menu, featuring a signature vodka-orange, as well as some classic cocktail choices, is the real star of the show, drawing some of the top names in fashion and Moscow’s elite, including a diverse mix of Muscovites, from ladies emulated the city’s fashion parade models to hot and sexy locals in skin-tight jeans.
Denis Simachev
Stoleshnikov Pereulok
Moscow, Russia
(07) 495 629-8085
Rating 93.16 
Rank [category] 2 
Rank [overall] 50 
"Amazing drinks, great food and awesome venue! "

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