Saphire Bar  

A Serious House of Whiskey
Located in a neighborhood more famous for kebabs than lounges, this gem is nevertheless lauded as Germany’s top whiskey bar. With a warm, almost fiery interior of golden ambiance, plenty of horseshoe white sofas, and an upscale but informal atmosphere, it’s a wonderful place to meet friends for a drink.

But it’s the drinks that are the real stars in Saphire Bar. With a literal encyclopedia of rare and surprising gems, some of the finest whiskeys in the world, and an extensive cocktail menu featuring plenty of in-house creations, the list never ends.

Prepare to be seduced by vanilla vodka, black liquors, passion fruit, sparkling wine, ginger beer, strawberry puree, and fresh fruit garnishes. They’re all on the menu. Even more amazing, they are all part of only a single drink on this tour de force of liquor delights.

The staff is not only talented, but friendly. The crowd is not only sophisticated, but easy-going and friendly. The music and décor is classy, but not stuffy and exclusive.

The Saphire Bar is everything guests want in a drinking venue—nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Saphire Bar
Bötzowstr 31
Berlin, Germany
49 30 25 56 21 58
Rating 93.06 
Rank [category] 5 
Rank [overall] 54 
"Beautiful design and amazing drinks. "

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