Aqua Spirit  

It’s All about the View
It’s like hovering above Hong Kong with a sweeping view of the skyline and Victoria Harbor. Sitting on one of the decidedly crimson velvet seats that resemble giant muffins, in the sexy lighting of the Aqua Spirit bar and restaurant, it’s all about the view.

Sure, the stringed beads draped from the tables like veils, glittering and glowing from within, might catch the eye for a moment or two, but the angled floor-to-ceiling windows are like portals into a world of light and angles. Towering above the city, on the 30th floor of a Tsim Sha Tsui high-rise, guests overlook a world of sheer magnitude and grandeur that the mind simply can’t scatting again and again, as if it might turn out to be nothing more than a waking dream.

One of Conde Nast Traveler’s top 100 new restaurants, the East-meets-West fusion cuisine arrives in the hands of a staff almost as breathtaking as the views, and the services is as friendly and professional as any restaurant in Hong Kong. A private dining room hosts business events and private booths offer a more secluded experience for large groups.

The drink menu comprises designer drinks, cocktails, and a fine selection of liquors. The designer drinks, innovative and bold, match the décor and the atmosphere of the stunning visual experience.

Things get moving on weekends when DJs mix up some house and club beats and the regulars—a collection of media faces and bankers—loosen up their ties and put on their smiles. Themed nights are common on weekends.

With a view and a drink to match, Aqua Spirit offers an unequaled evening of memories, and one of the prime venues in the world to enjoy a spectacular drink.
Aqua Spirit
One Peking Road
Hong Kong, China
852 3427 2288
Rating 91.74 
Rank [category] 7 
Rank [overall] 90 
"Incredible view, drinks, food and music. "

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