Bay to Breakers  

A Foot Race of Fashion
Spectators might find that feet are the only thing not bare in this annual San Francisco trot. The well-known event is famous, or perhaps infamous, for participants in full costume and others dressed in as little as shoes.

Superman and Spider Man are among the celebrities often seen in this race, along with dozens of Blues Brothers. Each year, runners dress as salmon and run “upstream,” ending at the starting line.

Spectators enjoy live music and may join runners for Footstock, a gathering after the race with live performances that run into the night; fitting for a foot race with such a long history.

The First Annual Cross-City Race was envisioned as an event to raise spirits after the 1906 quake and subsequent fire, which gutted much of the city. The starting gun fired on January 1st of 1912, at the northeast end of town, near the bay, and runners padded west to the edge of Pacific Coast in what was to become history’s longest-lived foot race.
Little about the 12K trek has changed other than the name, which was altered to Bay to Breakers in 1965. During World War II, registration dropped below 50 participants, but the race endured to become one of the biggest races in the world.

In 1986, the event entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest foot race, when over 100 thousand participants, including some of the most scantily clad in any foot race in history, crossed the finish line.
Bay to Breakers
San Francisco, United States
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