MOB Festival  

The Best Cruise Festival in the World
What could top a vacation to Rio and a chance to party down in Brazil? How about a three day pool party and concert aboard a luxury liner that’s bigger than the Titanic?

This is the concept that fueled the minds behind the MOB festival, which just completed its fifth edition in February of 2011. They wanted to create a dance party, line up some of the best DJs in the world, and set them against some of the most beautiful backdrops in the world.

With 70 percent of sales coming from people who have attended two or more of the cruises, their success speaks for itself. One secret of their success is the intimate nature of the scene. A different luxury liner is selected each year with a maximum average capacity of two thousand guests.

Of course, the premier sound systems are another great addition to the experience. Each season, thousands of feet of steel are girded onto the selected luxury liner to create the atmosphere of a full amphitheater and provide maximum quality for the jamming amigos.
With three solid days of beautiful people and pumping dance music, set against the sweeping beauty of the South Atlantic Sea, the MOB festival offers finale to any Brazilian adventure.
MOB Festival
Florianopolis, Brazil
(11) 5041-7575
Rating 92.24 
Rank [category] 7 
Rank [overall] 76 
"It's a party... on a boat. Brilliant. "

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