Skydive Taupo  

Skydive in the Adventure Capital of the World
What could satiate the appetite of the adventure traveler more than plummeting to the ground at 120 - miles per hour? Making a safe landing near Lake Taupo in New Zealand’s South Island, also known as the adventure capital of the world. Every type of adventure awaits in New Zealand from rock climbing, mountaineering to brilliant surfing, white water and kayaking. This is to say nothing of the miles and miles of hiking trials which many consider to be the most beautiful on the planet. For those who love the snow and cold, there are plenty of spots to ski, snowboard, or luge to your heart’s content. In short, New Zealand has it all for the intrepid adventurer. Queenstown, on the South Island, is the launching point for many of these expeditions and activities including the aforementioned jump from a perfectly good airplane. For novice skydivers, a tandem jump will be required. There is nothing quite like the feeling of flying that happens as you fall ever faster toward the earth from thousands of feet off the deck. This unforgettable experience will be the highlight of any trip to the world’s adventure capital.
Skydive Taupo
Queenstown, New Zealand
+64 7 377 8300
Rating 93.40 
Rank [category] 8 
Rank [overall] 43 
"Amazing experience with a very professional crew. "

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