Helicopter Tour of Grand Canyon  

Fly Deep into the Very Heart of the Canyon
Certainly the most well known national park in the United States and perhaps the world sits a few hours outside of Phoenix in the northern Arizonan desert. There is not a bucket list in existence worth the paper its written on that does not include a visit to the Grand Canyon as something that simply must be done during our time here on this planet. What could possibly be better than a visit to the rim of this geographic, natural wonder? Try a helicopter ride over the top of the river-carved canyon to get a perspective that will not be forgotten. The sheer size of the canyon - over 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and over a mile deep - simply dwarfs what is conceivable by sitting on the side of it or walking down into it. However, a helicopter ride over the top of it allows the adventurous visitor the opportunity to experience the canyon in its full grandeur. Contact Eco-Star to contract a helicopter tour on a custom helicopter with oversize windows for the full view. This is the way to take in this natural wonder of the world.
Helicopter Tour of Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon, United States
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"The perfect complement to actually hiking the Grand Canyon. "

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