Great Wall of China  

Two Thousand Years and Five Thousand Miles
The origins of the wall date back to the Warring States Periods, though these original sections are now little more than scattered mounds. Many can barely be spotted even while standing over them.

Portions of the wall constructed during the early Qin Dynasty were rock, rammed earth, and wood. They required frequent repair and many fell into obscurity during the Qing Dynasty, when the wall was largely regarded as a foolish undertaking. Some sections may still be visited and offer a rewarding experience, though they are remote and can take a day or more of travel to reach.

So who built the Great Wall we see in photographs? The Mings did, mostly. Bricks came into use during the Ming Dynasty and sections of the Frontier Wall, as their portions are known, ring the southern edge of the Ordos Desert. They remain the most enduring and popular tourist destinations along the wall, mere hours from Beijing and supporting thousands of pattering feet, daily.

Stretching along the southern edge of Inner Mongolia like map boundaries drawn with a cosmic, stone pen, the collective sections forming The Ten-Thousand-Li Wall rose and crumbled over 20 centuries and span roughly 5,500 miles.

It may not be visible from the moon, any more than fishing line can be seen from across the ocean, but this World Heritage Site holds rights to the longest wall in the world. It can also displace Donald Trump and other high rollers, claiming the title of the largest, longest, and most expense of manpower ever devoted to a successful project.
Great Wall of China
Beijing, China
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